This private, for-profit education institute was looking to increase the number and quality of student leads. They wanted to avoid low student participation programs and a high cost per lead. Initially, in 2013, the client was spending less than $40k a month and generating less than 300 leads. DIG’s Paid Search team was determined to create a quality campaign to achieve the client’s goals.
The Vancouver Film School Challenge: Optimise lead generation
Our digital marketing team tested 9 media targeting types (such as search, re-marketing, Facebook ads, contextually targeted ads). We originally started using 1 platform and two media targeting types. Currently employing 4 platforms and 10 targeting types has vastly increased reach and quality of leads. We have uncovered new platforms that have turned out to be high performing for the client. We were able to increase brand awareness by using brand-awareness driven media such as display and Facebook ads. We continuously tested, made data-driven decisions and course-corrected as necessary. Communicating revisions and optimizations to the client weekly to ensure satisfaction.
By January 2014 the client was spending – $74k per month and generating 1,125 leads on Google alone. The launch of newly optimized landing pages was followed by a large increase in performance and spend. During the months of August and September 2013, the program reached an extraordinary level of efficiency during which performance media consistently delivered over a thousand leads per month.
The Vancouver Film School Challenge: Optimise lead generation
Vancouver Film School was interested in our international presence, our network of international professionals, and our combat objectives from a search perspective rather than just a translation perspective.