British Rowing wanted to increase participation in their sport by making indoor rowing the ‘new way’ to exercise. They asked us to create a product/software for the gym market, making indoor rowing more engaging whilst helping gym goers use indoor rowing to meet their personal goals.
Working with personal trainers we created software to deliver tailored workouts through indoor rowing machines within gyms, targeting personal goals such as weight management, strength and conditioning, cardiovascular and basic rowing technique.
The RowActiv pilot was set up in Putney Leisure Centre, shortly followed by a series of controlled experiments, testing new ideas on users, recording their behaviour, making enhancements to the product and then assessing what impact these enhancements had on users’ behaviour. The aim is to roll out RowActiv to a prominent gym chain in the autumn of 2015.
“DIG helped us run the project in such a way that it has the highest chances of success – putting the customer first, making sure we spend as little as possible to get the product in front of people and taking our insights back into product development.”

Claire Cann
RowActiv Project Manager