4finance Group is a global leader in digital consumer finance. Established in 2008, marketed under a number of brand names – Vivus, Zaplo, Onnen, Onea, SMScredit, SMSfinance, 4spar – 4finance is the leading online lender in Denmark, Finland, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, Spain and Sweden.
“In line with our expansion plans we are investing in advanced digital systems and best practices. One particularly import area of our business is SEO/SEM.”
The 4Finance Challenge: Global digital presence in various markets

DIG developed best practice guidelines on search and trained all country managers. Performed due diligence and a competitive audit of the 4finance SEO/SEM agencies. Put in place an advanced SEO tracking and implementation system.

“DIG completed competitive bench marking across all of our markets and are helping us assess 46 further markets for us to expand into.”

Advanced benchmarks detailing the competitive search landscape and direction for a strong content marketing plan across Universal search (Social Media, SEs, TV, Programmatic).
The 4Finance Challenge: Global digital presence in various markets
DIG positioned the 4finance group in a place where they could continue their global expansion plans knowing organic online visitors will be captured.