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Growth Hacking Agency Joins DIG

By 19th August 2016 No Comments

The Digital Innovation Group (DIG), the largest independent group of digital agencies in the UK, has added DanDan Digital, a growth marketing lab with a focus on the startup and early stage business market, to its portfolio of member companies.

DanDan Digital offers startup and early stage businesses key marketing services that are essential for a new business with a limited marketing budget, including:

·         Growth action planning

·         Social media marketing

·         Blogger outreach

·         Pay-per-click marketing

Working primarily with startups that can make quick decisions, they have delivered successful projects for Botonique, Scirra, Cahootsy, T-Plus, Fancy Moon, The Startup Funding Club, O’Teas and Montessori Nursery’s plus they have secured a contract to launch physical merchandise for Microsoft’s X-Box game, Halo.

DIG is the largest UK independent group of digital agencies and is rapidly growing using a unique private earn-in model and a collaborative approach to building the group. The group is expected to reach significant revenue in 2017 and be made-up of 32 agencies.  DIG is a new breed of digital group that brings all digital specialisms into one group, providing clients a complete breadth of digital services whilst also delivering the depth of specialist knowledge that traditional large agency groups cannot deliver.  The group works across digital activity from multilingual search and social marketing through to design and development across all digital platforms.

Rob Walk, CEO of DIG said: “DanDan is a great asset to the DIG team. Their specialism into early stage businesses and startups enables us to delve deep into a business and come up with the best digital marketing solution from skill sets across the group.”

Craig Massey, co-founder of DanDan Digital, said: “We joined DIG to share new business leads across other digital marketing companies and collaborate and pitch to bigger clients across the group. We love the cross-fertilization across the group and the opportunity to bring our strategy and ideas to life with the skills and capabilities from the other member companies.”

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