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Digital Designer Needed (UX & UI FOCUSED)

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We believe designing a great experience goes beyond simply creating something that looks beautiful. Crafting excellent experiences that actually have an impact on people’s daily habits is a lot more complex and demands a particular perspective. If you agree and you’re not afraid to do what it takes to make it happen then you’re in the right place. We’re looking for ambitious and talented designers who have an eye for detail to join our growing creative team.


If you’re not having fun you’re not doing it right. We’re not just here to create awesome stuff, everyone in our team has something different to offer to the table & even our most senior staff are keen to learn something new everyday.
Let’s be honest, if you’re going to spend 40 hours a week with the people around you it’s important you can get on, have a laugh and feel comfortable around your colleagues. That’s why we operate a strict no ass-hole policy. We’re developing a working environment where everyone in the team is valued & it doesn’t matter how much experience you do or don’t have. What matters is working together to solve problems. Be prepared for weirdness, with an eclectic mix of creative minds it’s inevitable, so get ready for GIFs galore & custom slack emojis – but also creating some of the best work of your life.


  • 4 – 6 years designing and delivering digital products: applications and websites from the brand strategy behind the scenes to the interface design. We’re looking for someone who can design an experience from start to finish not just an app or platform.
  • You have some frankly epic work that is going to make us make strange noises when you present it. We want to see a strong UX focus, with the ability to define and create experiences that are user focused.
  • You can communicate as a normal human being with the people around you. No arrogance, egomania or general douchery allowed. This is strictly enforced. You should be a positive, passionate designer that can captify your clients, and fire up your team on a daily basis.
  • A fantastic understanding of UX design, iterative testing and refinement. You live to create interactive wireframes – pulling them apart and putting them back together based on real user feedback (most of the time).
  • Ability to bring strong conceptual ideas to the table and produce user-centric design solutions which solve fundamental business problems for the client. And not only that, but you find new ways to engage and delight users and consumers through original creative solutions.
  • Solid time estimation, organisation and project planning skills
  • Ability to collaborate across disciplines, within the team & with clients
  • Ability to take direction, give candid and constructive feedback and lead project teams
  • You care for the end user, not just the stakeholders in a project. You should be able to articulate your design decisions, and sell your work to the client based on fact not just opinion.
  • You love challenging projects, and can focus on the priorities to ensure products are delivered on time and on budget.
  • You know all the post it notes. Sizes, colours and correct placement.


  • Accountable for all UX and design tasks at hand – You’ll work with the design lead and the rest of the team to design the best experience for your audience.
  • Leading and collaborating with teams, estimating work and engaging with clients from pitch to final presentation of work.
  • Become a trusted partner for your clients – they should literally believe the rainbow is generated from you.
  • Constantly maintain a professional demeanor and ensure that you set a good example for the rest of the team. Actually semi – professional is normally fine.
  • Spend time engaging and motivating your team.
  • Develop new approaches, strategy and repeatable processes to constantly push the quality of the products produced by the studio.


To apply, please send your CV, salary expectation & portfolio to:

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