DIG DNA is a marketing and technology agency, made-up from the merger of NovaRising, Brand Electioneering and Holst Digital in early 2014. The agency bought together best in class creative, marketing and technology skills, then headed these with multi-disciplinary project and strategy teams. These teams are behind numerous cutting-edge transformative projects and campaigns for their clients.


Advant Technology are experts in high attention, premium online video and native advertising solutions. Advant Technology’s platform delivers brand content across some of the worlds’ largest sites and mobile apps giving their advertisers a truly global reach.


Apptelic specialises in streaming media solutions across all platforms from Android to Windows including Xbox. Apptelic is a Microsoft Vendor, Bizspark graduate, registered Nokia developer and Xamarin Partner. Apptelic develops media players and apps to address custom requirements.


DIG Optimise focus on conversions. Everything they do is focused on the point of adoption (sales, enquiries, membership etc.) Concentrating on customer journeys and devising specialist strategies around your clients’ intent, is the only way to get ahead online.


Easel TV are connected TV & multi-screen specialists, focussed on delivering video and branded content initiatives to TV devices via IP technologies. Easel work across all major connected TV platforms from games consoles, tablets and smart TV’s through to integrated broadcast environments such as YouView and Virgin Media:TiVo.


eCreation are video delivery integration specialists and UX designers working across TV, web, tablets and mobile. Specialising in Satellite, Terrestrial & Cable and IP Television middleware, DRM, OTT video delivery and CDN.


The Engine have over ten years of experience with SEO, Internet Marketing and Strategic Implementation of e-Business delivering personalised, ethical search engine marketing for hundreds of companies around the world. Specialists in multilingual online PR & internet marketing working across more than 24 languages.

about-circle-highstreet-io makes it easy for online retailers to gain effective access to all digital marketing services that require product feeds. They create, configure, update and optimise product feeds for delivery to any service, across borders in all languages and currencies ensuring maximum visibility for clients’ digital campaigns.


Knife Box Digital is a digital marketing company providing no nonsense, practical help with all digital advertising from strategy right through to social media, blogging, email, PPC, SEO, Adwords, writing for the web, blogging, PR and sponsorship – A service all designed around making your business grow.


PickmeUp are digital advertising experts with its own multichannel delivery and optimisation engine that is hooked into all the premium international networks. Through this they provide the buying and pricing power of a major media-trading group without the need to commit to large monthly campaign budgets. Securing media at fraction of the cost of traditional media agencies to ensure clients budgets go much further.


Pomegranate is a leading digital user experience agency providing strategy, design, build and evaluation services for web, apps and social media.


Repindex specialises in social media analysis and market research with a difference. Rather than gathering unfiltered data and collating relevant mentions, Repindex applies sophisticated filters, semantically reading and interpreting data. Repindex gives a range of insights that are more meaningful and practically useful for your business rather than simple web scraping.

Sliced Bread Animation creates games, apps, animation, films, infographics, explainer videos and illustrated content for education, marketing and internal communications that push the boundaries of technology and design, whilst working seamlessly across all platforms. We make it our mission to bring our clients’ messages to life, and captivate audiences.


UVd build beautiful, intuitive experiences across web, mobile and tablet. They have a wealth of experience creating feature-rich web applications; improving business processes for established brands and startups and are experts in responsive design and development.

Yodel Mobile

Yodel Mobile Is a mobile marketing agency specialising in successful mobile strategy, app build, user acquisition and retention. They have a unique “fit to market” programme that guarantees app success.

Dan Dan Digital

DanDan Digital is a growth marketing lab with a focus on the startup and early stage business market. We employ proven methods to grow your business and borrow innovative approaches from the successful ideas in the market.


FKC is a strategic marketing communications agency specialising in retail, travel, lifestyle and healthcare. Our guiding principle is to discover The Essential Truths about clients’ businesses and brands. The Truths process allows the agency to hear, to understand and to interrogate the complete client story. From insights gained, FKC can develop effective strategies and compelling work that delivers results.